Why We're Here


Every parent needs support from their village.

Having someone to talk to, provide help when emergencies come up, someone to love their children just like they do makes parenting possible.

At OkCity Crisis Nursery, we believe by stepping in and filling an important role for parents who do not have this support system around, eliminates the need for parents to seek unsafe childcare options.

Some examples of why parents could utilize the Nursery:

Emergency medical procedures

Birth of another child

Job Interviews

Job or Marital Stress

PPD or Mental Health Issues 


How it all began......

Jennifer Roberts is a mom with a passion for helping children. Like most, when child abuse and neglect stories popped up in her news feed on social media, the thought of 'what could have changed that situation' kept running through her mind.  Most local resources available are mostly AFTER the abuse has already happened.  After researching what other states are doing in terms of child abuse and neglect PREVENTION, she came across a video of the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. This video (below) of Vanessa's story weighed so heavily on her heart and that little girl would never leave her mind. The Vanessa Behan along with many other Crisis Nurseries, have been around for over 30 years and ARE WORKING.  After a year or so of planning, creating a facebook page and sharing the new concept to the community, Jennifer and a few close friends began Oklahoma's 1st Crisis Nursery. There were many influences and local organizations who helped guide every step of the way.  

When we say this is community supported, we truly mean it.  


Since opening our doors in May 2019, we have helped over 800 (new) children!  THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING WHAT WE DO!!!  Together, we are truly making a difference!


The Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery Spokane, WA.  

See the video that touched our hearts and sparked our interest for making our very own Crisis Nursery.

Click here for more info and to visit their site.


2728 NW 14th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73107 

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