Supply Donations

Most Needed Items:

Our top need at the moment is financial help. We have very little costs associated with keeping the nursery up and going but we do have to pay rent and utilities. We are 100% run by help from volunteers. 

We are a 501c3. 

We are asking for you to hold off on clothing donations until the first of the year.  THANK YOU for being so generous and providing so many clothing donations for these families.  Because of limited storage space, we are asking to delay those till at least the start of the new year. 

Sign up through Meal Train!


Most Needed Items:

Diapers: Sizes 1, 4 and 6. Any brand. 

We are unable to accept rock n plays, opened or expired products, and stuffed animals.  

We will accept donations by appointment only at this time.  

Please email us at for more info.


2728 NW 14th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73107 

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