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  • Where are you located?
    Our address is listed below. We will accept children on a drop in basis. We ask families to please call ahead and make sure there is room for their children at the Nursery.
  • Is someone always there 24/7?
    We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We ask that parents and caregivers call ahead to see if space is available. When there is down time, we do not have someone on location at all times. Usually during this time, we prepare requests from families needing supplies fo their children such as diapers, wipes and formula.
  • What donations can you accept?
    We appreciate all the donations everyone has given to the Nursery. We will continue to need additional items on an ongoing basis. Please check the donations page for most needed items. As always, we are very appreciative of any monetary donation. Each dollar goes a long way!
  • What ages are you able to provide care for?
    We are able to care for children of all ages. Please give us a call with additional questions!
  • Is this a shelter?
    It is not a shelter. This is for children of families who are dealing with crisis situations. This is also not a daycare (where we provide routine child care) or a long-term care solution. We often explain this as "We are not the hospital or physician, but more like the Urgent Care". We do not anticipate keeping children for more than 24 hours in the initial stages. We have plans to accomodate children for longer periods of time as soon as we have proper funding and another location.
  • Will I need to bring formula, diapers, wipes or other things for my child?"
    No, we will provide everything for the children. It is our goal to make this easy for parents and eliminate worry of having to gather things for their child. We will have all necessary items at the nursery. Please specify what types of formula or if there are any allergies in the intake process.
  • What if parents need parenting advice or have questions?
    We will have a 24 hour crisis line and would love to answer any questions anyone may have. We plan to not only help with children, but also connect parents to other community resources.
  • Are you DHS?
    No, the OKC Crisis Nursery was created by a mom who understands what it is like to need additional help and how great it is to recieve help. We believe children should be with their parents (if possible and in their best interest) and want to help reduce the number of children entering into the system. We do know that not every situation is perfect and there are times where DHS does need to get involved. We do assist case workers with reunifcation cases as well as providing items and/or care for foster families who received emergency placements.
  • What if there is not enough room for my child at the Nursery?
    We try to ensure every request for care is fulfilled. As long as there is space, we typically are able to help immediately with urgent needs.
  • Will my information be shared?
    The only information we will share is with our partner agencies (with your permission). This will be in the event you need help with other resources. We will never share your information unless you give us permission. We are required to gather basic information for child care licensing. This information will be available for them. However, the reason your child is using the Nursery or any other information will be kept separate. Your privacy is very important to us. We will track outcomes to help us better serve families in the future as well as for our Donors and Sponsors. Any personal information will not be included in these statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

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